Fire Queen, 2018, 4:44 HD video

Fire Queen asked me to do the cinematography and post-production for their latest music video. It was a hot shoot and they requested all sorts of funk and colour for the finished product.

Fire Queen is Aymara Alvarado Lang and Jordan David.

137 Rue Saint-Étienne, Vieux Hull, Québec, 2017, 18:36, 4K video

From within four walls, two narrow stairwells and fragmented rooms, the grotesque promise of happiness is fought off with soft weapons, song, dance and inebriation. Despite the erasure of all visible marks, sound carries through the walls and experiences remain embedded in the architecture.

I produced this experimental performance piece with help from the following people:

Production Assistant: Hector Tovar
Performers: Aymara Alvarado Lang, Lesley Marshall, Matt Miwa, Emily Stott and Hector Tovar
Co-editor and Colorist: Tyler Reekie
Sound Mastering: Christopher Payne
Lesley Marshall, aka GINNY provided the theme song “Fever Dream”

This video was made possible with a SAW Video Production Fund

84_Fruitless_Still_2013_low res.jpg

Fruitless, 2013, panned audio, 21:42, HD VIdeo

Participants were invited to share a significant story from their past while preparing a fruit or vegetable of their choice for consumption. All stories and performances are improvised and shot in one take.

Three scenes are compiled into one and the audio is panned, therefore this video is ideally watched via projection, however if you use headphones to listen that will help.